About the Project

The proposed project would add a slip ramp onto I-93 South from Washington Street via Cedar Street in Woburn, running parallel to the current off-ramp from I-95 North and extending to the Salem Street Bridge.

First identified in the 2007 I-93/I-95 Interchange Transportation Study published by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, this slip ramp was determined to be a necessary interim roadway improvement in preparation for the I-93/I-95 reconstruction.

Although we have been told that there is no immediate plan for the interchange reconstruction, few would disagree that the interchange has exceeded its lifespan.

With a modest investment, the slip ramp project would offer an extensive, long-term return, alleviating congestion on local roads and providing a convenient alternative to the overburdened I-93/I-95 Interchange and Montvale Avenue in Woburn.

Satellite view of the area

In addition, if the Commonwealth will be rebuilding the interchange eventually, completing the slip ramp now has three substantial advantages:

1) Local roadway users will benefit from the improvement sooner.

2) The reconstruction project will be able to commence more quickly once the decision is made to move forward.

3) The Commonwealth will pay for the slip ramp project in today's dollars.

Given that construction inflation has, on average, been three times consumer inflation for the last five years (according to construction economics analyst Ed Zarenski), this final point is particularly notable.